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Go - Speed of C, power of concurrency, clean syntax

After playing for some years with Ruby — and I still am for everything I need to prototype or use as a script — I’ve come to realize that a better language than C was needed for some tasks, especially for network-related or one that need concurrency. As I’m not really ready to go into Functional programming with things like Haskell or go full way with the fast-evolving but too strict (for me) Rust, I started playing with Go.

The fact that Go is not OO (Object-oriented) and does not have exceptions clearly bothered me at the beginng as I was used to play with Ruby but in the end, the drawbacks are not that important.

Go is a very nice language, clearly geared toward high concurrency but can be used as a replacement for C in many ways and I like it a lot now. I have replaced a few of my utilities (like my LDAP/search proxy in Sinara with a much faster version in Go erc-search) and libraries like the Flightaware client with its Go counterpart — Flightaware-go.

You can also cross-compile between Linux, OS X and Windows which is very nice.

I even created the Go version of leftpad after the Node.js package of the same name was hit by disaster… :)

I’m currently writing a Go version of the RIPE Atlas REST v2 API here. This is a Work In Progress, far from complete.

Our friends at JetBrains have created a version of the famous IDE specifically for Go, it is called Gogland and is now in beta. It is as awesome as RubyMine is.


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