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Ruby - how to code with pleasure

After playing with Perl for more than 10 years, including working with the perl5-porters to help porting Perl5.000-to-be to 386BSD then FreeBSD, I felt some changes were needed, it was not fun any more.

I had a look at Python but the syntax did really bothered me so I kept on using Perl.

Then, around 2000, I tumbled upon Ruby and the joy of programming was back! I just fell in love with Ruby, its clean syntax, the fact that it is a pure object-oriented language inspired by Smalltalk and Algol 60. The community is also great on mailing-lists and blogs.

Now, 95% of my programming is done in Ruby, not that much with Ruby on Rails as I do not do web development that much but I may start using RubyMotion on iOS for iPad/iPhone at work.


TDD, BDD and such

One of the nicest things about the Ruby community is that they have adopted most of the Agile principles and use them regularly. Concepts such as unit-testing, test-driven & behaviour driven development (TDD & BDD) are commonly used so I have started using them for my own projects: