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RubyMine - a very powerful IDE for Ruby programs

After thinking for a long time that Integrated Development Environment (IDE) were far too large, slow and heavy to use for my relatively small coding work, I discovered that a well-written one can be a real help when coding. I mostly code in Ruby these days (whether it is scripts or whole webapps) and while there are Ruby plugins for Eclipse or NetBeans, they are still too big and slow.

RubyMine is a fast-evolving, powerful and fast IDE exactly suited for me.

It does support all Ruby-related projects like RubyMotion for iOS development, various gem-management frameworks (rbenv and rvm), web frameworks such as Rails and Sinatra. It has direct support for several VCS including Mercurial and git, rake tasks, unit testing and specs (TDD/BDD), everything.

In addition to Ruby, RubyMine has excellent support for the Go language: as it is based on the IntelliJ platform, it can use IntelliJ plugins and the one for Go is just awesome. It can auto-complete types, functions, everything and even more.

RubyMine is one of the various projects that shows that properly written, Java can be fast.